1. Will my phone number be kept confidential?

You really don’t need to use your phone number to talk with astrologer. Also, respects your privacy and as a firm is obliged to keep your information well guarded so no one could ever misuse it whatsoever. You can count on us.

2. How can I choose the best astrologer to get astrology consultation?

To get astrology consultation through the best astrologer, simply watch out for the rating the other customers may have given to the astrologers. Though we scrutinize all the astrologers ourself and bring onboard only the best ones for you, but as they say, the customer is always right.

3. Why some astrologers on the app are so expensive?

Kundlijyotish promises the best services to its customers and thus recruits well-experienced astrologers after thorough scrutiny. Most of the astrologers we have onboard entertain an experience of over 10+ years. This is to ensure the predictions or any other information they share with you is based on their broad knowledge, so you always receive accurate information. Also, saves your precious time by helping you consult expert astrologers from the comfort of your home, thus saving your time and money. We maintain strict standards and offer optimum quality. So in a nutshell, our service is qualitative and not expensive.

4. Why should I choose for astrology consultation?

Kundlijyotish has always worked to offer the best service to its customers, and the result of the same is exceptional ratings and reviews that has garnered on Google, PlayStore, Facebook and other such platforms. It is the successful predictions that have inspired people to leave a good word for us and we continue to live upon that thrust of them.