Jupiter Transit In Aquarius 2021 Effects On Zodiac Signs

Kundli Jyotish

Jupiter will shift its presence and journey in the Aquarius zodiac sign on November 20, 2021. Jupiter transit in Aquarius 2021 shall have an instant favorable, unfavorable, or neutral effect on some signs (Rashi). Aquarius is a sign linked with networking, going against the flow, and ignoring the norms. Jupiter, on the other hand, is the planet we should expect some social changes and liberty over everything.

Jupiter will be in the sign of Aquarius until 13th April 2022. Work, realism, and devotion were evident when Jupiter resided in the Capricorn sign. After 20 November 2021, when it transits to the Aquarius sign, an indication of openness will oppose your personality.

The signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will have good results. Aries and Sagittarius will go through moderate results. However, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces may experience tension. And Taurus, Leo, Scorpio could face challenges but they would be tied to developments.

Modern electronics, innovation, and science and research will be prominent during this transit. People will have a strong desire to associate with others in their elite networks. They will also expand their social connections. However, be patient because your accomplishments will reveal the truth.

The Jupiter transit in Aquarius 2021 for all zodiac signs is stated below by Kundli Jyotish.

Jupiter In Aquarius 2021 For Aries

In 2021, Jupiter will transit in the eleventh house of Aries natives’ Kundali. The eleventh house is known as the house of gains; therefore, the impacts of Jupiter in Aquarius on Aries natives are:

  • If you are like most professionals, then you have worked hard to get where you are. You will be rewarded for your dedication and hard work in the past with success, rewards, and promotions

  • Your social circle will grow as a result of your efforts.

  • In 2021, Jupiter transits to the sign of Cancer. In your business, you can try a new idea or put an existing one into practice, because this transit will bring success in all financial spheres.

  • Some of you who have friendships with the opposite gender will see these friendships turn into crushes and romantic connections.

  • In competitive exams, students will enjoy a time of dedication and focus.

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Jupiter In Aquarius 2021 For Taurus

In 2021 a Guru Gochar will occur for Taurus natives. This occurs when Jupiter transits the tenth house of a person’s natal chart, which is known as the house of profession and karma. The transit of Jupiter in this house can bring about the following opportunities:

  • You are about to welcome a new period in your career. This transit will allow you to find fulfillment in what you do. You will get acknowledgment and recognition for your work, which may not have come before this time.

  • If you take on too many assignments, you will have a hectic schedule.

  • The November 2021 Jupiter Transit will be a good chance for you to get ahead in life. If you are trying to establish your business by proposing new item ranges or services, the time will be great. However, new expenditures may arise as a result of the company’s development

  • Those involved in travel-related business would seek the benefits too.

  • Due to work and personal time, people’s lives can get chaotic. With the help of new technology, there are no negative consequences.

Jupiter In Aquarius 2021 For Gemini

Guru Gochar in 2021 is auspicious for Gemini natives as Jupiter planet will transit in the ninth house of your Kundali. It is the house of destiny, and impacts of Jupiter transit in Aquarius 2021 for Geminis here are:

  • On a personal and professional level, there would be a rise in fame, reputation, and recognition.

  • Work-related trips, as well as trips with friends and family, refresh you. They give you a lift in confidence.

  • Your work and business would prosper as a result of the 2021 Guru transit.

  • Students have a good chance of being enrolled in a foreign university.

  • Gemini’s family life will be happy and peaceful. You’ll have a better relationship with your close friends or family members.


Jupiter In Aquarius 2021 For Cancer

The planet of luck, Jupiter, will travel through the eighth house in your birth chart on November 20. This will be a difficult transit for Cancer natives because the eighth house of your chart deals with obstacles and enemies. The effects on you may include:

  • Medical and occupational concerns will have a negative impact on the domestic life of the affected individual, resulting in periodic outbreaks and heated arguments.

  • You may feel uneasy and anxious in this period. There is a possibility of getting hurt or getting sick, which adds to the digestive problems.

  • Sudden financial benefits are possible, but reckless investments could deplete your savings. It is proving to be a very unfavorable moment to invest

  • Unexpected stock market losses are another risk associated with November 2021 Guru Gochar.

  • In terms of your private life, external factors may cause problems in your marriage.

Jupiter In Aquarius 2021 For Leo

In 2021, Guru Gochar for Leo will be a mixed bag. Jupiter will transit in the seventh house of your Kundali, which is known as the house of partners and relationships. The impact that Jupiter’s Aquarius transit in 2021 for Leos is:

  • There is a high possibility that constant clashes with your business partner will lead to the end of your partnership.

  • On the other side, you would find new challenges and opportunities. But don’t forget that competition will be tough because Jupiter’s transit in 2021 will make it so.

  • For singles who are willing to get married, the year of the Rooster is a “golden” period. And for those who are already married, you must pay attention to finding the right balance in your marriage.

  • Family life would run smoothly. However, challenges and quarrels could happen occasionally. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

  • To be financially stable, you need to keep an eye on your expenses. If you can manage your unnecessary expenses, it will help you become financially stable.


Jupiter In Aquarius 2021 For Virgo

Jupiter’s transit in 2021 is not very fortunate for Virgo natives. Although Jupiter will be in Aquarius, it will transit through the sixth house of your Kundali (natal chart), which rules work and services.

  • To prove yourself as a professional, you would need to work hard. But not only will you have to worry about your performance, but also the actions of your competitors. You may even get into office politics.

  • During the Guru Gochar 2021, you might also suffer from health ailments. You might develop problems with your digestive system or similar issues.

  • Virgo natives are not likely to see themselves in a good financial situation. During this time, you may experience sudden and costly expenses that will make it harder for you to manage your money.

  • Though, in case you are lending money to a close person, there are possibilities that during this phase, it may not be returned.

  • You are likely to have a good time with your coworkers at work or even enjoy the company of people you meet at parties.


Jupiter In Aquarius 2021 For Libra

In 2021, Jupiter will transit in Aquarius. It is said to be a highly favorable time for all natives born under the sign of Libra due to its placement in the fifth house of your Kundli. The fifth house is known as that of love, romance, and education. Jupiter in Aquarius impacts Libra natives by:

  • During the Jupiter transit in 2021, you will experience a new connection with someone. This could lead to a deeper relationship and even marriage for those who are already involved. You might also begin a family if you’re married during this time.

  • Ahead, some of you might go on some vacation or trip. The reason for it could be professional or just a getaway with your close people.

  • Family life will mostly be calm and peaceful, but you shall seek support from your peers if you are stuck in any situation.

  • Profession-wise, you will enjoy working there. You will be able to show your best self and be appreciated by your seniors and colleagues.

  • During the Jupiter transit in Aquarius in 2021, your spiritual side will emerge.

Jupiter In Aquarius 2021 For Scorpio

In 2021, Guru Gochar will be very positive for Scorpio natives as Jupiter will transit through your 4th house. This house represents home and family, so the transit will bring the following opportunities:

  • You will feel a strong connection with your family. You’ll love spending time with them, but on the other hand, you may separate from them due to some silly disputes.

  • Unexpected expenditures can come. There is a high chance that you will encounter an imbalance in your budget during the Guru Gochar in the Aquarius sign.

  • There could be some legal issues when working with a company regarding intellectual property and work for hire. It is in your best interest to avoid these matters to prevent any lawsuits.

  • Social media will help you network with more people. You can make new connections to learn from them, but don’t expect everyone to be genuine.


Jupiter In Aquarius 2021 For Sagittarius

Jupiter transit in Aquarius will not be good for Sagittarius natives as it will go through the third house of their birth chart. The third house is the house of obstruction, which signifies that something may block your way to achieving your goals and ambitions. As a result, you might have trouble or face some conflicts:

  • You will improve your communication skills. You will be more confident in expressing your opinions, which is an important skill to have in the workplace.

  • Your potential at work would increase. The same will get you name, fame, and a good reputation at your workplace.

  • To improve your learning and upgrade yourself, you will switch to some learning during the Jupiter transit 2021 period. It will be helpful to your professional development in the long run.

  • Jupiter will be in Aquarius 2021, which will give rise to obstacles. However, you can handle these quite well.

  • Some of you might get into reading and literature as well and would look into these streams from a professional aspect.


Jupiter In Aquarius 2021 For Capricorn

In 2021, Guru Gochar will be a mixed sort for Capricorn natives. Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune, transits in Aquarius that year. The 2nd house is the house of possessions, material things, earnings, and money. Impacts of Jupiter transit in Aquarius 2021 for Capricorn:

  • You need to help your siblings financially and assist them in keeping some savings in hand.

  • Not just this, you will also set some funds aside for your children at the beginning of the phase. It is a good move that will assist you and your family in the long run.

  • Stress and anxiety could act majorly in making you a bit vulnerable in terms of confidence.

  • Be cautious about your health. There is a high chance that you will experience some ailments during the November Guru Gochar 2021.

Jupiter In Aquarius 2021 For Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius transit in 2021 will be quite favorable for the natives of this sign. Jupiter, which is the principal hurt planet in the constellation of Aquarius, will start its transition through this particular zodiac and reach its culmination in 2023. The ascendant or 1st house represents a person’s personality and self-image.

  • You will enjoy a lot of confidence in your personality. You would act boldly and put your points strongly in front of everybody, both professionally and personally.

  • There are chances that you might not have a great life after marriage. You and your partner could end up clashing. However, the problem would eventually pass.

  • The natives who are planning to start a family can plan to do so. Couples who want to start a new venture together might not do it during the transit period of Jupiter in Aquarius 2021.

  • Middle-aged people should delve deeply into philosophy and spirituality. They will also be motivated by some social services and similar activities.

  • It could be a possibility that you talk in a rude tone when speaking to friends and family. So, remember to keep your tone in check when conversing with loved ones.

  • Middle-aged people should delve deeply into philosophy and spirituality. They will also be motivated by some social services and similar activities.

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Jupiter In Aquarius 2021 For Pisces

In 2021, Guru Gochar will be mixed for Leo natives as Jupiter will transit in the 12th house of your Kundali. The 12th house is the house that symbolizes the subconscious or hidden nature of a person and impacts on Pisces people here are:

  • Your subconsciousness will be greatly affected by hypnosis. The results will either be positive or negative, depending on the way you use the information in your life.

  • Financially, you might be spending too much. Thus, the Guru transit of 2021 suggests that you examine your savings and refrain from unnecessary expenses in order to improve your financial health.

  • Furthermore, you may have health issues as well. You may experience sleepless nights and stress problems as well.

  • With the Jupiter transit in Aquarius, you will enjoy doing or getting involved in some charity or social service.

  • If you would like to celebrate religious holidays or perform religious activities, the time of year will be a good one. So, use it.


Kundli Jyotish