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Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about the eight best online astrologers in India(link) but before this, it is important to know a little bit about astrology.

What is destiny?

Destiny is the combination of Prarabdha and Karma(Prarabdha means karma related to past life). in our universe, there are some celestial bodies like the moon, sun, constellations, and planets, which influence our personality and behavior.

Astrology claims that the things which happened around us or on Earth are because of the celestial bodies and our birth date and time place and important role in it.

Astrology helps people to know how to overcome difficulties in their life. With this thing, it is very important to understand that astrology can’t change your whole life but it can help you to go a little further in your life.

Let’s talk about whether astrology is good or not?

So never get the care and don’t feel shy about astrology because it is not a superstition it is the same as science but it is important to find the right astrologer. While finding the right astrologer you must have faith in that person.

So, let’s talk about the best online astrologer who can provide you with all the information regarding your future and also provide the best ritual remedies (link) to overcome the problems you have in your life.

9 Best Online Astrologers Are:

1. Kundli Jyotish

It is an Indian astrology site that was started in India. Kundli Jyotish is a platform on which they provide services of daily horoscope, consultation, online classes.

They have a team of experts in:

1. Vedic Astrology

2. Numerology

3. Lal Kitab

4. Vastu

Are you having problems in your life?

Don’t worry, Kundli Jyotish has you covered in every way. they provide an online consulting platform where you may find solutions to any of your problems.

However, we frequently make foolish and unconditional decisions that affect the path of our life. You can make a more informed implementation with the advice of experienced astrologers.

To find the optimum options and make the best judgments, use astrological services from

On this platform, you may find a different type of astrologer with 18 to 30 years of expertise in the field of astrology. you can get your consultation in many different Indian languages and English language too.

It is one of the best platforms that help you live a happy, healthy, and successive life under the guidance of India’s top astrology experts(link).

Bonus point: Consulting fees start from rupees 20 only. you will get advice from India’s top astrologers @rupees.

2. Astro Veda

It is an international organization that was started in New York and founded by Baskaran Millai with major operations in Chennai and Tamilnadu. It is a certified organization.

Their mission is to enrich the life of each person with whom they are contacted. They provide excellent Vedic astrology, Nadi Astrology, Betel leaf astrology, Vishnu astrology, and remedial rituals. The remedial services which they provide include fire labs, Pooja, and Temple services.

Their customized packages and programs focus on improving key areas of life such as health, finance, and relationships and they try to fulfill customers’ dreams and bring more positivity to their lives.

They also provide priest services directly to your home or office, you can also take part virtually. You can check their app (Astro Veda assistant, calendar, horoscope, astrology) in your Play Store.

You can check their app (Astro Veda assistant, calendar, horoscope, astrology) in your Play Store.

3. Ganesha

It is one of the free online horoscope platforms. On this platform, you get many different astrologers with 21 years and 14 years of experience.

You can get your Horoscope in three different languages: Hindi, English, Gujarati. This platform provides 15 minutes of free consultants and the major thing on this platform is customer privacy.

Mr. Hemang ArunBhai is the founder of this platform and they provide all the services related to astrology. You can check this on the internet, Play store, etc.

4. Astroyogi

In this app, you get your daily horoscope. It is one of the fastest astrology providers. More than 2 million people love this app.

On this platform, you will get a chance to clear all the doubts related to career, finance, love, marriage, and many more apps are available for both Android and IOS format.

In this app, you can check your horoscope through tarot readings, numerology readings, palm readings, etc.

5. Stars

Mr. Vivek Dhir is the founder of stars this platform provides online astrology services, their motive is to make proper use of the internet and provide excellent customer services.

They provide online astrology services at a global level. This app is available at many places like the internet, android, and IOS mobile app, jio TV, etc. They provide exclusive personalized services to their customers online.

6. Astro guru

Astro Guru was started by Mr. Naresh; he lives in Janakpuri, Uttam Nagar, West Delhi. His fee for a single consultant is 551rupees. He is a very experienced person and he provides the services to their customers.

Astro Guru provides many services like- Vedic astrology, gemstone discussion, Patrika reading, Janam Patrika, and many more.

They ensure that after consulting the ritual remedies that will give customers positive changes and positive vibes.

7. Astrology future

It is another best astrology portal that believes that astrology is the same as science. The astrology portal contains many different astrology tools and numerology calculators.

In this portal customers can ask about bride and groom matching career Finance and get zodiac signs and much more.

This astrology platform provides consultancy by experienced astrologers and also you can also check your daily and monthly horoscope for free.

This platform is still developing to provide more services in the future.

9. Future point

This platform provides a service in which you can directly talk to the experienced astrologer on the call and get all the clarification and guidance to overcome all problems in their life.

In some cases, if they find the condition is to dedicate then they provide written materials also in electronic mode. This platform is also the best to get easily the best consultant at your home.


In this article, we talked about destiny and the things which affect or influence our life and also what astrology is good or not.

We also talked about 8 different platforms where we get horoscopes online but for a detailed or horoscope, you have to buy a plan in each app.

You can choose any of these platforms according to your convenience and your comfort. All these platforms are present in India and some of them provide horoscopes in more than one language.


Many people experience that astrology has to overcome problems in their life by providing some ritual remedies.

But it is also very important to understand that astrology cannot change your whole life but it will help you to go a little further in your life.

I hope you like this article and you get awesome information from this article and this will help you in your future by making your life much better and if you think someone else also read this article please share with that person and also to those who needed it.

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